Friday, December 22, 2006

Write a letter to the true Santa Claus - try it!

I recently wrote a short letter to God, it was about my relationship with him and what I wanted for myself, (not on a physical level on a spiritual level). I noticed how much power it gave me and also how much power it has given me to act how I really want to act (to say goodbye to excuses!)

I was reflecting on my spirtual journey, and when I have the courage of our my convictions and share that with the One and only, I recieve a lot, I wanted to blog about this because its such a hidden source, when we become aware, life and our self awareness opens up to bring us closer to our potential - this has been my experience. My suggestion is try it and if you would like to share how you get on, I would be a very open and listening ear.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crossed fingers or an open mind to learning?

I was thinking how most people believe that "everything will be alright in the end". I have held onto this belief all my life. Recently at a retreat in India I became aware of this belief and felt quite attached to it. Another thing that became very apparent whilst I was there was, how it is not just in the end that everything will be alright but that it can be all the time if I am open to embrace the opportunities coming my way. I had to ask myself, am I holding onto anything in this moment: an idea, a belief, a preconceived idea of the response the person I am speaking to will give - I noticed if I think like this that I miss out on the magic of life because I am trying to shape life rather than allow life to bring out the best in me and
give me its gifts along the way.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Could we all be ANGELS?

Not so long ago I drove to Oxford with a friend. On the way back, the traffic was moving smoothly and we were driving pretty fast. Whilst we were overtaking in the fast lane the front tyre punctured and burst into pieces. As I wasn’t sure what was happening I naturally started reducing speed and tried to get into the slow lane. However the traffic in the other lanes was already going much faster than us and they wouldn’t let me pull over. So we ended up having to stop in the fast lane on a major UK motorway- with the hazard lights on. It was quite scary being surrounded by cars passing us by at 90miles/hour.

Then, from nowhere a man appeared and volunteered to drive my car across the motorway. He managed to stop the traffic, move my car to the hard shoulder, get back into his car and disappear with the speed he appeared at in the first place, before we even had a chance to thank him. Incredible! We felt that some kind of an angel saw that we were in trouble, came with no introduction, helped us out of the trouble and left without a trace…(exactly what angels do!) … well, apart from my car having been safely parked on the edge of the motorway.

He could have easily driven by us in the same way as everyone else did… however he decided to behave like an angel and decided to help.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all decided to behave like angels right here and right now?