Friday, March 31, 2006


As I was going to work today and the myriad of tasks spun through my mind like a web ...... a little whisper came to me......

what's your purpose today?

‘To remember the seed of peace, love and happiness. To be a seed of peace love and happiness.’

I was inspired. I can feed the roots of life, grow in all directions!
It all starts deep within the roots of my own consciousness.

I've got my work cut out for me today and it feels great!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This is a story I heard recently...

Once upon a time an eagle accidentally laid an egg amongst some chicken’s eggs. When the egg hatched the chicken community accepted the eagle chick as one of them. They named him Beagle. The chickens in that community taught Beagle well, he grew up learning how to cluck, peck and scratch.

One day Beagle looked up and he saw an eagle soaring in the sky above. He asked the chickens "What is that flying object in the sky?" The chickens replied "Oh, that's an eagle. They are very strong birds. They fly high in the sky and they are very independent and full of strength." Beagle started to flap his wings and imitate the eagle. He even managed to lift off from the ground a little. The chickens teased him continuously though. Beagle then asked the chickens, "Why can't we fly like the eagle?" The chickens chuckled and laughed. "Beagle, we are chickens silly! Chickens do not fly." He then started thinking to himself, "Yes, I'm a chicken and not an eagle. Why even try to fly?"

Do you know what happened?

A few years passed by and Beagle died. He died believing he was a
chicken and never having taken flight.

The moral of this story for me is:

Don't stop with the dream as then it will just remain a dream, instead let me courageously take action to make it come true. Also, never let the words of others deter me from pursuing my dream as at least I will die having had the courage to find out for myself and knowing the truth.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mind creativity!!

I have been away skiing these last few days and I had a lot of thoughts!
Good thoughts!
The scenery helped a lot!
The gentle wind blowing across my face, sunshine, huge white mountains, silence. …
I was in the company of my mind, thoughts that were gentle like the breeze and in agreement with the atmosphere!
Now I am back and I can still feel the gentleness of those surroundings.
I guess it is all about being creative!
All about creating your own inner atmosphere!


Imagine that every scene of the day you are sitting in a grand piazza, observing yourself playing your part and other people playing their parts - detached, as if you are on holiday.

Let me know how you get on?

Enjoy your part!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Full Stop

Put a full stop. Put a full stop to the second just passed. Put a full stop to worry, to problems, to rushing, to noise. Put a full stop to all that is misplaced inside of you -- that memory, that bad feeling, that mistake. Put a full stop to too much thinking. Then live that point. Be a point. Simple. Full. Filled. Light.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I loath making decisions or being presented with different options. Why? I fear that either I will make the wrong decision or not choose the best option. We are thrown into making decisions on a daily basis - whether it is buying a house, choosing a job or deciding what’s for dinner. Recently I’ve been presented with many opportunities to develop my decision making skills. I have learnt from these experiences that there are no right or wrong /good or bad decisions, only the one that suits me best. So there's nothing to fear. I now known that whatever I decide or choose can only be the best.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogging from India

I'm currently blogging from India, Rajasthan. For those who are wondering what I'm doing in India - I'm here to recharge my spiritual battery for the year.The plane journey to Ahmedabad was about 8 hours and I had been allocated a window seat. Normally as soon as I hit the plane I am fast asleep until the plane touches down. This time I was with travelling companions and I was very "thoughtful" to sleep only for three quarters of the journey, so to keep them company. Before landing, the flight attendant requested I lift the shutters up. I looked out of the plane and saw the beautiful scenery of India - sky blue sea and neatly laid out green patches of fields. Those of you who have been to India would know that India does not look anything like that close up.

Then a thought came to me. If I were to go beyond and see everything from a space, all scenes and situations ofmy life would only look beautiful. It is when I go down below that I get caught up with details of the situations and that I allow negativity and stress come to me. Therefore, everytime I get caught up in any situation, I have to learn to take myself beyond the situation and I will see the bigger picture.

Wake up and sing for life!

Today I woke up and put the radio on....
This is what I heard!

I'm gonna live forever
I'm gonna learn how to fly

I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry

I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame
I'm gonna live forever

Baby remember my name

I was singing along to music in the background........... remember ,remember....
Got the message?
Remember!! Sing! Be happy ! Give happiness!


Hearth for the World

Whilst I was going to work today on the train, I was comfortably sitting back reflecting. After being so cold outside, I was now so warm, the heating was particularly high. There was a good feeling inside, there was love and warmth in my heart, the meditation had been particularly enjoyable today - an image came to mind, 'a roaring warm hearth on a cold day'. The feelings and the situation all merged into one.

I thought to myself, today I am going to be like a 'hearth', that warm and comfortable place that you are magnetically drawn to when you walk into a room - where there is a sense of deep comfort and peace.

Try this:
First turn up the heating (only joking!)
First light the flame of love in the
let it grow,
fan the flames with thoughts of unlimited love,
become that flame of love in the mind,
picture it,
let the heart and mind become one - a furnace of love

You are a hearth for the world!

Monday, March 13, 2006


The constancy of the sun -- You
the ocean, the nectar, the dawn
of the world -- which has begun anew

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sorrow – to take or not to take?

I heard someone say the other day “I didn’t give sorrow, they took it!”
Hmmm!?! That made me think, “ Is sorrow given to us, or do we take it ourselves?”

Well, no one can make me take things I don’t want to take, so why can’t that be the case with sorrow? There was the answer to my question: “It doesn’t matter if someone is trying to give me sorrow if I decide not to take it.”

It’s up to me!
It’s up to you! Be sorrowproof!

Friday, March 10, 2006

What is true confidence?

True confidence is when I am at peace with my strengths and my weaknesses.

Now that's what I think is, what do you think it is?

Be the Change

So often we look at the problem and not at the solution.

I've tried this a number of times and it's worked - when something doesn't work out or something doesn't feel right...just ask yourself, 'What is it that I need to do now?' 'what is it that I need to change within myself?' Make the change happen there in that moment - visualise yourself being or interacting in a different way. You change the way you feel not by holding onto the negative thoughts but by creating positive thoughts. This is what it means to be proactive and not a passive bystander to yourself and the world. As you change, the world around you will change and will respond differently to you.

I chose the image of these horses because they capture the sense of freedom & vitality when you allow nothing to hold you back...even if that which is holding you back is your own mind - you are able to overcome that with understanding and your own willingness to stay free.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You can choose

We always have the opportunity to choose our company. So why not start with the mind? Choose the company of the thoughts that bring happiness and lightness
Have a gr8 week
- Fuzz -

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Don't think!

"Don't think" is not about not thinking. It is about not thinking 'waste', about giving space for oneself. Like a mental zen garden, everything as it should be, delicately placed in perfect composition. It is about enjoying your space. A space filled with fragrance and color, where things are allowed to flourish in their own time. And where time is not the enemy, the drink of patience slowly savored.

Do you feel your life could do with a bit more springtime? I mean, inner springtime. The seeds are there, perhaps you can even see flowers. Life could be lighter. Happiness, rather than pleasure, would bring that constant smile on your face - a taste of permanence. Then one is free from the noises of worry, over-thinking, hurry, agitation, irritation - all of which clog this inner spring like a never-ending traffic-jam. Thoughts repeating like patterns in a wall-paper. Or feelings that travel around in circles. So "don't think" is like going green and not paying congestion charge in your mind. It is a fast from 'junk' thinking, so that you have time to digest the good thoughts, those which bring benefit to you and everybody else. Like redecorating yourself, painting the inner walls, buying new furniture, throwing away old letters, tarnished maps, mouldy stuff. Getting lots of plants, bathing oneself in light. Creating a breathing room to the soul. A place to see and live greatness. Light a star within. Take the lid off your soul!

Monday, March 06, 2006


If a thought comes more than three times into my mind, it has become a habit and therefore has lost its freshness and power to inspire. If my thoughts are always new, then everything I do will be like a breath of fresh air. Like newly picked flowers, one offers them as a gift. Newness is a gift for life itself!


I read something last night that made me (reflect) on the importance of
(wearing) a smile everyday:
"(True) happiness is the result of being connected with the divine, (it can
be experienced in a minute), the result is the presence of God in the world,
(and can be seen through people's smiles)"

It is so easy to wear a smile, the simplest thing to do, yet we forget it
very often. Today I will be aware of this and I will try to keep my


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Truly happy, just like a child

I read somewhere recently that according to Goethe, the only people who are truly happy are those who are, just like children, made blissful by the smallest things… I couldn’t help but start thinking why it is that children seem to be happier than adults…
It would be nice to feel as happy as a child, wouldn’t it?
They are simple. They have a simple inner life and simple thoughts…they never think hard.
They respond spontaneously, instinctively.
They don’t have the baggage of the past, they don’t have the ability to imagine the future and therefore don’t worry about it. They only live in the present moment, always ready to play.

So is there something that adults are missing out on? How can we make ourselves feel happy?

Well, one thing is definitely obvious: happiness can be experienced only in the present moment! So why should we be stuck in the past or worry about the future? Whenever we live in the past or the future we are actually missing the present moment and if we do it too often we end up missing most of our lives. Is that how we really want to spend our lives? No?

So what are you waiting for, let’s play… just like children would :-)!


Friday, March 03, 2006

Mother of my mind

As Gods' child I have all rights to peace, love & happiness - yippee!
Now where does that put me?
'High!' I hear you say.
Responsible, I thought. I have to look after these treasures, take care of them and let nothing else get in the way!

Today I heard... 'Be like a mother (a good one!) who doesn't see weaknesses in her children, she just wants to guide them. To do this she uses her powers to tolerate and accommodate.'
I thought to myself 'I need to be a good mother to my mind!'
Whatever thoughts that arise in my mind ......It's OK,let go....and become nice and easy.....not trying to control. I can be just be how I want to be... loving, calm, relaxed...It's a silent conversation, the mother corrects by mirroring what she wants to see in the child.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Benefit in Everything

Once there was an old farmer who had been planting and reaping crops for many years. Then one day, his horse ran away. When his neighbours heard about his horse they came to visit him. "Such bad luck" they said sympathetically. "Maybe, maybe not?" the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned with three wild horses. "How wonderful!" the neighbours exclaimed. "Maybe, maybe not?" replied the old man. The following day his son rode one of the wild horses… he was thrown and broke his leg. The neighbours came to offer the farmer sympathy for this unfortunate event. "Maybe, maybe not?" answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army, on seeing that the son's leg was broken they passed on by. The neighbours congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. "Maybe, maybe not?" said the farmer.

I often find myself coming back to this story---it reminds me that rather than quickly judging a situation… to choose to wait and see. Somehow ‘in waiting’ I find that I can just watch and enjoy the magic of life unfold in front of me, instead of feeling one minute high and one minute low. I now try to stay constant and to wait and see what's next. Is it possible that there's benefit in everything?


The power of good wishes

Hi Everyone,

I have been quite quiet in ‘blogging’ for some time as I had a very important exam last week. I had been preparing for this exam for quite a few years. You can just imagine how one might feel before entering the exam room after so many years of hard work!!! I had been dreading this day for a long time…

As I entered the building in which the exam was going to take place, I met a couple of people who wished me good luck. I continued down the corridor and by the time I reached the end of it, another 3 people wished me good luck. I was beginning to feel more confident about my exam, but I wasn’t sure what was influencing my feelings. I continued on my way to my office and whoever I came across, wished me good luck. I thought to myself how very nice it was that all these people were truly wishing that I would succeed in this exam. I rushed into my office to do my final revision.

When it was time to go to the exam, I made my way to the exam room… and that’s when the miracle happened… I don’t think I can find words to describe that feeling… everyone around me was sending me into the exam room with such strong good wishes that the moment I entered the room I felt very confident that I would do well. This thought relaxed me and the answers to the examiners’ questions just flew off my lips without any hard thinking. I couldn’t believe that I was coming up with all those fluent explanations… And I was sure that this wasn’t a consequence of my real confidence but had to do with all those people who really wished me well from their hearts.

Now I am definitely convinced that good wishes coming from the heart do have power and I will be sending them to everyone. Amazing!