Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey ME, talk to ME!

I heard this meditation experience from someone a while ago and it really struck me. Here it is:

' I made a mistake and my conscience was really going for it, biting me hard! So I spoke to someone whose advice I trust and after listening to her take on the event I was clear in my head and I could completely forgive myself. But oh boy, the next day I heard this critical voice in my head and I started to feel guillty again. Hang on a minute I said, I was feeling okay, where is this voice coming from?
So in meditation

I said: Hey voice, can you personify yourself so that I can dialogue with you?
An image appeared in my mind's eye. An image with a pointing finger.
I asked: Why do you exist?
It replied: To point the finger at you
I said: Why?
It said: Because you make mistakes
Me: Why do I make mistakes?
It: Because you don't trust yourself
Me: Why?
It: Because you are not in your truth

Wow! I said, what a useful piece of information on the journey of knowing myself!

Who else would be able to give you such a clear info about yourself? Nobody but your own self. I rarely do this 'talking to myself' business but I tried this and it is quite powerful. Suddenly you have a feeling of care and love for yourself 'from yourself '- a source which you can let the taps open as long as you want. All is in your hands. No need to rely on anyone! I like it!

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