Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moral of the story 1


Story 1:
There were two neighbours who constantly fight and argue and this created negative feelings for one another. One day, one of the neighbour lost his cow. He instantly cast his suspicion on his neighbour whom he fought a lot. He pondered over this and the more he observed his neighbour, the more he saw the neighbour as a 'cow-thief'. A few days later, unexpectedly his cow returned home to him. After this incident, whenever he observed his neighbour, he begun to see his neighbour less of a 'cow-thief'.


Moral of the story:
You probably never lost or stolen a cow before. However, this story is to remind us of two things in life i.e:

  1. Never pass judgement about people. We see what we want to believe. If we want to see someone as a 'cow-thief', unless the cow return, we'll always see them as a 'cow-thief'.
  2. During our lifespan, there might be times when we ourselves are judged as the 'cow-thief' by others and the cow might never return to prove our innocence. Therefore, develop such faith and trust in ourselves that as long as I didn't steal the cow, even if someone falsely accused me of stealing the cow, I'm not going to change my stand (i.e. principle/value).

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