Friday, February 29, 2008

My Story

I was recently on a retreat and in one of the classes the person spoke about how we each have our own stories inside our own minds – he took up this idea of holding different images in our mind which stop us from experiencing newness in a situation or interaction. He went onto say that when we speak to each other we are infact only telling each other our own stories and those stories are simply the things we’re attached to…whether it’s our ideas, what someone else should be doing, what we would like to do or what we have done. He ended saying that there might come a point when our stories will come to a closure and we won’t have any more stories to tell each other but there will only be silence – but a quality of silence that is filled with newness and power.

It has got me thinking as we all like to tell stories☺ I have some wonderful stories☺ but where do they take me…and you?

Letting go of telling these kind of ‘stories’ will enable me to be humble…just yesterday I heard that if you want to practice humility…speak less and let someone else be in the limelight…when speaking to another practice these two words ‘you’re right’…it’s a bit like just saying ‘yes’ instead of coming into unnecessary debate or disagreeing with the person before they’ve even started to explain. Which links into something else that I’ve been thinking about…if you want to serve at a time of need then put your opinions about others/a situation to one side.

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